In 1991, Canadian Horse owners of Atlantic Canada met informally in Orwell Corners, PEI. With private support from individuals, a newsletter evolved, and over the next few years, interest in the Canadian Horse grew. In 1995, the club, “Canadian Horse Breeders Association – Atlantic District” was formed, and earned recognition as the district club of the national association (the CHBA).

Anyone with an interest in the Canadian Horse is welcome as a member of our Atlantic District club. Our experience shows most people find Canadian Horse ownership to be contagious, and non-owner members will soon want a Canadian to call their own! Some club members are dedicated breeders, but other members are not: our members use their horses for work, for competition, and for pleasure, both under saddle and in harness.

Our members maintain a network of support and information sharing, and each year our annual meeting is less like business, and more like a reunion of old friends.  We normally pair our AGM with some type of club activity: in the past, we have hosted breed classification clinics, driving clinics, breed shows and breed demonstration days.

Since 1995, members of the Canadian Horse Breeders Association – Atlantic District have supported local breeders and promoted the breed of Canadian Horse throughout the Atlantic Provinces. It is now possible to find Canadian Horses competing successfully in many equestrian disciplines, in venues throughout our region: from western and english riding, to pleasure and cross country driving… because of the versatility of the Canadian Horse, you’ll find them everywhere! To raise awareness and acknlwledge the versatility of our horses, a “Versatility Program” was launched in 2002. This program recognizes the horses that promote our breed in a wide variety of activities.

If you have an interest in the Canadian Horse, we would be pleased to meet you. Our events are often open to the general public and details about club-organized events are available on this website (check the EVENTS link above), or via our facebook page (click the facebook icon at the bottom of any page).